Trinidad and Tobago Jump Rope Federation gained legal status and incorporation on 19th May, 2012. The organization, however, was formed in 2004.

The first manifestation of the federation was that of a Jump Rope for Heart programme at the Lower Morvant Government Primary School. The programme was run by Mr. Clint Charles, P.E Teacher at the school. The programme, which he learned at a workshop conducted by the then Trinidad and Tobago Alliance for Sports and Physical Education (TTASPE, now know as CSDA) ran successfully and with distinction for over two years. Mr. Charles and his school were recognized by TTASPE for outstanding and exemplary use of the jump rope at the school and in the community. In 2006 Mr. Charles along with the school received best practice awards by TTASPE. On October 2006, fifteen children from the school, along with Mr. Charles went to the FAPHERD sports conference in Florida and displayed the skills they had learned. While there Mr. Charles also lectured at one of the sessions.

The programmes next phase was that of an active community club targeting Youth At Risk (YAR) in the high crime community of Morvant/Laventille. The club was established with the assistance of TTASPE and Australian Sporting Commissions outreach Programme. Apart from Jump Rope, the young people of the community were also introduced to many other none traditional sports like Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Speed Stacking and jump band/Chinese jump rope.

In 2008,his programme came to an end, however the jump rope programme continued and in April of that year, the programme took children of the area to its first ever jump rope camp in the British Virgin Island (BVI). July of the same year, the school programme became a club programme. The club was the first ever competitive jump rope club in Trinidad and Tobago. In July, 2008 the club attended its first world jump rope championship in Cape Town South Africa. This made Trinidad and Tobago the first ever Caricom country to have ever participated in such a championship. There have been two further championships appearances in 2010 (Loughborough, England) and 2012 (Florida, USA).

After many attempt to become incorporated, since 2010, incorporation was finally granted, as mentioned earlier, on 9th May, 2012. Two years later in November of, 2014 the Federation the Federation also gained recognition as the National Governing Body for the Sport of Jump Rope.