We are the Governing Body for the Sport of Jump Rope in Trinidad and Tobago.


Trinidad and Tobago Jump Rope Federation functions fundamentally as:

1. A governing body set up to develop Jump Rope as a sport, with the ultimate aim of consistently achieving ‘podium position’. This we believe will be achieved through the establishing of clearly defined athletic pathways for persons involved in the sport and the use of general and specific sports science principle, that match then needs of jump rope athletes.

2. A body set up to act as a Physical Activity Provider, and help in the development of a Physical Activity Lifestyle Model which can be used to encourage people to increase their Duration, Frequency, Intensity and Volume of physical activity for the purpose of enhancing general health and well-being as well as prevention and intervention of Non Communicable Diseases

Trinidad and Tobago Jump Rope Federation, exist to make jump rope ‘Disney’. We want to make jump an activity that ‘makes dreams come through!’ We help our clients realize ‘their dreams’ or desired outcomes by providing opportunities in the following five (5) core areas:

  • Fun/recreation
  • Fitness/health
  • Sport/podium finishes
  • Income generation/Industry
  • Entertainment/Career pathway development.

We believe that jumping rope, once incorporated and practiced using, trustworthy research, science and technology, from reliable sources will improve the health, fitness and athletic potential of our population.

Our main target, initially, is the pre-school to primary school aged children. We have chosen to engage this group because if there is any change to be made in the nation’s attitude towards physical activity, whether expressed as recreation or sport, it has to begin with our most impressionable and vulnerable.

Research is showing that our children, worldwide are becoming fatter, and obesity has fast become a major public health issue amongst children. Part of the problem of course is because of reduce activity or inactivity amongst the child population.

Trinidad and Tobago Jump Rope Federation sees sports as the most ‘sure-fire’ way to keep our children active, and creative. In sports is built in the components of exercise, fitness, motor skill development as well as the development of psycho-social and cognitive skill. Sports, unequivocally addresses the developmental needs of the ‘Whole Person!”

With jump rope, we have the excellent opportunity to present a fun, low-cost, mass-participation activity that has an ‘organic’, traditional appeal to our children. Put another way, if we put ropes in our children’s hands they will jump. Jumping will keep them active. Once they are active, they will be healthy.

The way forward, therefore, is to get jump rope into the all primary schools in Trinidad and Tobago, and ‘grow’ jump rope in the nation’s ‘school yards!’